There is a Great Deal to Hope For in a New Year

May we still hope for a sweet year in the future?


Rosh Hashanah. Courtesy of Simon Berger.

Jews worldwide have just celebrated Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year of 5783. According to Jewish tradition, the age of the world began with the birth of Adam and Eve, 5783 years ago. In honor of the Jewish New Year, we at Save The West have created a list of hopes for the forthcoming year:

1) We hope Americans begin the healing and uniting process to return to the Constitutional foundation of our Republic. This renewal will begin on November 8, when we expect that Republican candidates will gain 40-60 seats in the House, 2-7 seats in the Senate, and 1-3 more Republican governors, in addition to more Secretaries of State, and states’ Attorneys General. Such a landslide by pro-Americans would help curb the anti-American regressive progressives with their Communist, Islamist, and globalist false narratives.

2) We hope the predicted victory of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud party on November 1st will return Israel to its foundation based on Basic Laws and Torah.

3) We hope the recent victory of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni will set a similar trend of respecting Family, Christianity, Sovereignty, and the Rule of Law.

Giorgia Meloni

4) We hope the EU sheds its systemic anti-Semitism within Europe and ceases to work with the Palestinian Authority, a terror organization, to illegally steal Israeli land in Area C of Judea/Samaria, and particularly target Jews for murder.

5) We hope the EU apologizes to its citizens for imposing a failed energy policy dependent on the unreliable supply of natural gas from Russia, insufficient local drilling, over-reliance on unpredictable solar/wind, and the abandonment of nuclear plant construction.

6) We hope the U.S. returns to the sane policy of fully utilizing all of its energy resources. We hope the SEC stops imposing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards on corporations, as this policy disincentivizes energy production, which has led to our spiraling inflation.

7) We hope the U.S. gains control over its inflated budget deficit by placing a moratorium on new entitlements until Medicare and Social Security are stabilized and fully funded. Such efforts will also help relieve the current inflationary pressures.

8) We hope the U.S. bans all forms of child abuse in K-12 schools, particularly criminalizing transgender-promoting the teachers, psychologists, and pharmaceutical companies who promote hormones to children, and the surgeons who mutilate them.

9) We hope that U.S. states dramatically expand school choice and establish a Student’s Bill of Rights, guaranteeing the right to have teachers and textbooks that are loyal to the Constitution.

10) We hope China chokes on its real-estate bubble and is forced to fix its internal problems instead of bullying its neighbors.

11) We hope the women’s protests in Iran destabilize the corrupt, illegitimate theocracy. The good people of Iran deserve to live in freedom and prosperity.

12) We hope President Putin continues to mismanage his war effort and loses to the brave Ukrainian soldiers, that he is not pushed to use nuclear weapons, and that he is held to account by the Russian people.

13) We hope the U.S. helps arm Taiwan well enough to turn it into a ‘porcupine’ that its mainland Chinese bullies will not want to ‘eat’.

14) We hope the new House and Senate will force the Biden Administration to close the southern border and stop the invasion of illegal migrants into the U.S., thus, reducing crime, child and drug trafficking, and the annual killing of more than 100,000 Americans with Chinese/Mexican fentanyl, and other dangerous drugs.

We are facing many challenges and many internal and external enemies. It is time for the forces of ‘good’ to oppose and defeat the forces of ‘evil’ everywhere!!

Kenneth Abramowitz is co-founder and managing partner of NGN Capital. A threat analyst, he is the author of 'The Multifront War.' He writes at Save the West.

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